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Often critters, such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, and armadillos start creating havoc in our homes and yards here in the Houston area. Rats have been known to chew through wires in cars, attics, and chew through water lines in homes creating thousands of dollars worth of damage. What are your options when faced with issues as these?

Cypress Creek Pest Control offers a variety of solutions depending on the situation and type of animal that you are having a problem with. Our trained technicians can handle all types of rodent and wildlife issues–anything from live animal trapping to excluding and removal of rodents.


Pigeons, starlings, sparrow, and other birds can cause damage to your business. If you are having a problem with birds, whether they are roosting or nesting in and around your business, call Cypress Creek Pest Control to help. We offer bird spikes, bird control gel repellent, sound deterrent devices, and bird netting. The right bird control technique that is need can be vary by situation and problem.


Bats have long been known to be beneficial because they eat insects. However, they can become a pest if they move into the attic, garage, porch, barn, or soffit area of your home or business. The most common entry point for bats in the home is through the gable or attic vents that can be found on most houses. Bats can roost in the most unlikely areas and need only a very small opening for an entire colony.

Bats can be carriers of rabies and other diseases, a problem that has gotten more severe in Houston over the past several years. Their droppings also pose a significant health hazard. These droppings have been found to contain many contaminants.

Cypress Creek Pest Control specializes in the human removal of bats through exclusionary techniques such as using bat netting and bat cones.

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